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COMPUTERS, HARD DRIVE DISKS, RAID SERVERS, NAS, USB KEYS, MEMORY CARDS, SMARTPHONES, TABLETS, SSD, we know its annoying to lost personnnal, professional or academic data from accidental failure. Our laboratory offer to you our data recovery expertise since 15 years and a service with better prices to restore your data.

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Data recovery in cleanroom

Hard drive breakdown ?

We have handled thousands of cases and we can do everything possible to save your data, regardless of the failure. They are numerous and can have several causes. We can group them into 3 types.
What are the hard drive failures?

In the operating conditions of a hard drive, a clean room is essential to open it. A hair, dust or even a particle can contaminate platters and damage it. If you detect an abnormal mechanical noise (repetitive clicking noise) after a fall or a shock, or if drive doesn’t spin, with or without a “beeping” noise, or if it’s extremely slow to access files, we advise you to DON’T MAKE IT WORK.

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  • Why ?

    Hard drive has no physical issue and can be easily detected by disk manager of operating system (if no problem with enclosure or USB port of computer). This failure also concerns voluntary data erasures (by human action).

  • Symptoms

    Partitions are not or badly recognized. The disk manager displays a RAW volume. Other case : data was erased by mistake and there was no rewriting of data on the drive.

  • Probable causes

    The hard drive was not removed safely, by mistake, or after an electrical shutdown. Something has caused write errors in the file system.

  • Treatments

    In many cases, proper data recovery software may be sufficient to retrieve them. However, there are some mistakes you should not make with data recovery software. Click to read more or get a free diagnostic. If you are not used to it, with us no need to spend your money in useless softwares. No data, no fees. It’s our promise and in addition get explanations by professional about result.


  • Why ?

    The electronic board on the back of the hard drive disk plays a vital role in the proper functioning. It contains firmware that sometimes becomes corrupted or inaccessible due to a problem with a component.

  • Symptoms

    Hard drive can be inert (without bipping noise), it doesn’t spin up anymore. It can also run normally but the disk manager is unable to recognize the presence of the hard drive disk.

  • Probable causes

    The hard drive received an electric shock (poor power, surge, etc). An electronic component is damaged. The firmware has been corrupted due to i/o errors.

  • Treatments

    It should be avoided to connect, recovery software will not be useful if the hard drive is not recognized, worse it can aggravate the problem. The electronic board must be repaired or replaced by professionals because some manipulations can cause the permanent loss of data. Reprogramming firmware and get a clone are steps to recover data safetely. Trust in data recovery experts.


  • Why ?

    Hard drive has a serious mechanical breakdown, often after a fall, a shock or because the hard drive is old, it’s serious and that may damage the platters inside. DO NOT CONNECT. We have to open it in a clean room to check condition.

  • Symptoms

    Hard disk makes abnormal and repetitive mechanical noises (“click”, “beep”, it turns then stops). This failure is sometimes difficult to detect but it must ABSOLUTLY be opened in cleanroom.

  • Probable causes

    Fall, shock and old age of the hard drive are the most likely causes. Moving the heads can damage the platters and destroy your data permanently.

  • Treatments

    No miracle solution. To not worsen breakdown and make recovery possible, you have to entrust hard drive to data recovery professionals with expertise and tools to operate in a cleanroom. If at diagnostic step, it’s obvious that no data can be recovered, we prevent you with a photographic proof and an attestation for insurance (pay attention to laboratories which ask a deposit without proof).

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Data recovery in laboratory

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